Bad Doctor

COMPANY  DOCTORS: You may have heard this phrase.  Doctors are not bad but they care courted as young doctors by insurance companies to treat work injuries.  The referrals become a steady source of paying customers.  Their true customer is the Insurance company. One day the doctor wakes up with a family to support and a mortgage and realizes that a large percentage of the doctor's income is from workers' compensation cases. At that point the insurance company has applied its golden handcuffs to the doctor that is treating the injured worker. If the doctor becomes a patient advocate he or she might lose a very large piece of their practice.

We spend a great deal of time reviewing treatment  records, fighting with insurance adjusters and going before judges regarding medical treatment. Our clients are the patients but the insurance company is pulling all the strings and is the puppet-master of your medical care.

Medical care by a  puppet master is BAD

This is reason enough to have Adams Law Group in your corner.