Don't Let the Past Dictate Your Future


Many felonies can now be expunged or sealed.  wouldn't it  be great to have a clean record the next time you apply for a job?  we make it happen.  There are, however, some violent crimes and crimes that put you on the sex offender registry that cannot be expunged. Talk to us and see if you qualify. 


a lot of misdemeanors, though minor, look very bad on job applications and in several other situations.  We file a petition or lawsuit for expungement in the county in which you were convicted. Don't let that mistake from years ago continue to follow you around.


dwi or dui is a costly, unfortunate situation. if you have a first time misdemeanor dwi/dui and have had a clear record for 10 years, we can eliminate that conviction. not many people are aware of this wonderful opportunity to clean up their record.