Spinal Injuries

The spine is involved in all movement. It is also the number one injury workers experience,

Medical Education

Medical Education

Attorneys' Medical Training

The Adams Law Group attorneys have been educated in complex back injuries by Board Certified medical doctors.  This education makes gives Adams Law Group the upper hand with adjusters and generally results in better settlements.

Education equals power when dealing with large insurance
companies and their medical doctors

Various Back Injuries-back pain at work

Disc injuries, Bulging discs, herniated discs spondylolisthesis. Fractured spine, Disc replacement, back fusion, micro discectomy.  Normal back sprain and strains.

If it involves your spine- low back, mid back or neck we need to help you.


Additional Pain and Injury

Therew is no question that back injuries need immediate attention. Often they hurt so bad clients forget about other areas of their body thart gets injured. Hips, pelvis legs etc. the back is bad but do not forget to tell the doctor about all your injuries.