Thanks Adams Law Group

Thanks Adams Law Group


FREE: Any consultation is 100% FREE.

TRANSPARENT PRICING GUARANTEE. We clearly tell you any cost associated with your case

ZERO MONEY NEEDED: At Adams Law Group we take care of you and your Workers’ Compensation case on a contingent fee basis. You pay ZERO...NOTHING...NO money up front.

We only get paid when you get paid!

contingent fee means that Adams Law Group will be paid  a percentage of your case settlement. The contingent fee is approved by a judge and is typically twenty-five percent (25%).

our success is directly related to your success!

COSTS: There can be various expenses associated with winning your case. We pay them on your behalf as the case progresses.Typical costs ate : Medical records, Court Reporter, Doctor's special exam and reports. The firm is reimbursed at the settlement of your case.