What is your percentage of disability?

What is your percentage of disability?


Workers compensation settlements are base upon percentages of disability.The basic idea is your body before the injury was at one level of ability and the work injury has caused it to be less able to work...thus disabity.

Partial Disability:  Most injuries partially disable a worker.  The individual is able to return to work but they are partially disabled. A settlement is based upon the amount of disability a worker experiences.

Permanent Disability: Some injuries are so sever that an employee is rendered permanently disabled.These cases resolve with a large lump sum settlement or a weekly check for life

Pain & Suffering:  we have only talked about disability. What about pain and suffering? Workers' compensation does not factor in pain and suffering.  

Disfiguring Injuries: If an injury is disfiguring and on the face, neck hands or arms a worker may receive compensation in addition to disability.  No other part of the body, no matter how disfigured, qualifies for compensation.