Workers’ Comp Eligibility

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How to Know If You’re Eligible for Worker’s Comp

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is intended to protect both the employee and employer incase of injury or illness that occurs due to the job. First and foremost, in order to be eligible to receive workers’ compensation, you must work for an employer who carries workers’ comp insurance. While most employers fall under this category, it’s essential that you know whether or not yours does. In addition to this, you must have sustained your injury or contracted an illness or disease due to your work duties that has resulted in medical bills, an inability to work, or a permanent disfigurement.

If you fit this criteria, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation. Reach out to the team at Adams Law Group today and we’ll get you started with a free consultation.

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Types of Compensation

There are three main types of compensation that fall under workers’ comp, so in order to be eligible, it’s essential to understand which types of compensation you require.

Medical wage Compensation

Medical compensation occurs when an individual is injured or becomes ill on the job and requires medical care. This medical care must be provided by an approved workers’ comp provider. Generally speaking, the insurance company will choose your medical provider, and you must go through the proper channels so that the workers’ comp insurance will pay for your required medical care.

Temporary Wage Replacement

If your injury or illness results in you being unable to work temporarily, you may be able to collect weekly checks from workers’ comp called Temporary Total Disability. This compensation is usually based on two-thirds of your paycheck, although there are caps and other circumstances that could make this number vary. These checks are designed to help compensate for the loss of your wages due to a temporary disability

Permanent Impairment/ Disfigurement

If you are no longer able to work, can work but are permanently partially disabled, or have experienced a permanent disfigurement, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. These settlements are typically based on percentages of disability. If you fall into this category, the team at Adams Law Group can help you to determine how much workers’ comp you are eligible for.


Is Your Employer Required to Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance?

If you have been injured or have become ill on the job, one of the first things you’ll need to determine to understand your eligibility for workers’ comp is if your employer carries this insurance. In the state of Missouri, any employer who has five or more employers is required to carry workers’ comp insurance. Additionally, any construction company with one or more employees must have workers’ comp insurance. Using these guidelines, and also by simply asking your employer, you can find out if you have access to workers’ comp insurance benefits.

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Determining If Your Injury Is Covered

The next step in determining your eligibility for workers’ compensation is to understand what caused your injury or illness. Did you get injured on the job? Is your injury a result of overuse of a specific part of your body that you regularly use on the job? Were you exposed to something while at work that resulted in you becoming sick? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, chances are that you are eligible to receive some form of workers’ compensation.

If you’ve been injured or have become sick on the job, the team at Adams Law Group in St. Peters is here to help. Reach out to us today and we’ll get you started with a free consultation.

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Common Workers’ Comp Injuries

While every workers’ comp case is different, there are some types of injuries that are more common than others. These include:

  • Joint injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Overuse injuries
  • Occupational hazard injuries

In order to be eligible for workers’ comp, your injury does not need to fit into one of the categories listed above. Almost any injury or illness that is a direct result of your job will allow you to be eligible for workers’ comp insurance benefits. The team at Adams Law Group can help you determine your eligibility. Give us a call today to get started.

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Did Your Injury or Illness Occur on the Job?

One aspect of workers’ comp that cannot be overlooked is that the injury or illness must occur on the job or as a direct result of your job. If you pull your back out at home and can no longer perform your job, workers’ compensation does not cover that injury, the medical bills that incur, or your lost wages. Although, in a situation like that you may be eligible for other disability insurance benefits.

Reach out to the St. Peters attorneys at Adams Law Group to learn more about workers’ comp and to determine your eligibility.

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If you have been injured or have become ill on the job, the team of attorneys at Adams Law Group can help you to determine your eligibility for workers’ comp insurance benefits. When you work with our St. Peters law firm, you won’t have to pay anything upfront. We get you started with a free consultation and if you decide to pursue your case with our attorney at your side, you won’t be required to pay for anything until after the case is over. There is no risk in contacting our law firm for assistance with a workers’ comp case.

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