Type of Injury

Type of Work Injuries

Work Related ACL Injury

Leg Amputation

Finger Amputation

Work Related Arthritis

Accidental Asphyxiation

Work Related Asthma

Avulsion Injury

Back Injury at Work

Back Pain from Work

Lower Back Pain at Work

Chronic Back Pain

Head Injury Internal


Internal Bleeding after Injury

Blood Related Illness

Broken Bones

Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury

Bursitis Work Related

Burn Injury at Work

Electric Burn

Chemical Burn

Calcaneus Fracture

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiovascular Disease

Carpal Tunnel Work

Cartilage Injury

Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical Fusion

Chronic Illness from Work


Chronic Pain Related To Work

Contagious Disease

Work Related COPD

Skin Corrosion

CRPS Disease

Crush Injuries

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Work Related Death

Degenerative Bone

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Work Related Tennis Elbow

Elbow Injury

Epicondylitis at Work

Work Related Eye Injury


Work Related Foot Injuries

Work Related Injuries to the Hand

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Work Related Head Injury

Closed Head Injury

Open Head Injury

Work Related Hearing Loss

Heart Attack Work Related

Stroke at Work

Heat Stroke at Work

Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Hernia Work Related Injury

Work Related Herniated Disc

Hip Fracture

Hip Replacement

Hip Injuries

Intracranial Injury

Work Related Herniated


Hip Fracture

Hip Replacement

Hip Injuries

Intracranial Injury

Broken Jaw

Work Related Knee Injuries

Knee Fracture


LCL Injury

Legionnaires Disease

Ligament Tear

Limb Loss

Lumbar Disc Replacement

Lumbar Fusion

Lumbar Spinal Fusion

MCL Tear

MCL Injury

Meniscus Tear

Work Related Mental Illness

Mesothelioma from Work

Work Related Muscle Problems

Work Related Neck Pain

Work Related Neck Injury

Nerve Damage from Work Related Injury

Neurological Disorders

Occupational Disease

Organ Damage

Pain and Suffering from Work Related Injury


Patella Fracture

Pelvic Fracture

Plantar Fasciitis

Pre Existing Work Related Injury

Work Related PTSD

Radiation Sickness

Repetitive Stress Injury


Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Work Related Rotator Cuff Injury

Sciatica Work Related

Shift Work Disorder

Shoulder Fusion

Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Injury

Work Related Shoulder Pain

Sick Building Syndrome

Skull FractureSpinal Cord Injury at Work


Sprain at Work

Work Related Repetitive

Strain Injury

Work Related Stress

Stress Fracture

Subdural Hematoma

Work Related Tendonitis

Lost Tooth at Work

Trigger Finger Work Related


Vision Impairment

Lost Vision at Work

Work Related Wrist Injuries