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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Quick simple fresh start

  • Chapter 7 wipes out your debts
  • It is the easiest and shortest bankruptcy
  • Gives you a Fresh Start
  • Quickly gives you room to breath
  • Keep most assets.
  • Stops foreclosure

Who Qualifies

  • You must make less than your state's median income for a household of your family's size.
  • If your income is too large then we complete a long-form Means Test and see if we can pull your income down in order for you to qualify. Him
  • People that have too much equity in homes and cars may have to file a chapter 13 to save those assets.
  • If it appears your assets are too inviting and we believe the Chapter 7 Trustee would sell a vehicle or home, we will put you in Chapter 13 where you get to keep all of the property on your state's list of exempt property.


  • Your debt is eliminated except the debt you elect to keep
  • Credit card balances - GONE
  • Medical bills - GONE
  • Personal loans - GONE
  • Some taxes - GONE
  • Repossessions - GONE
  • Lawsuits - Gone
  • Garnishments - GONE

Time Frame

  • Generally, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case takes about four months from start to finish.

Ready to Start

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