Chapter 7: a quick fresh start

Chapter 7: a quick fresh start

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is designed to wipe out debts and is the easiest and shortest bankruptcy.  It is designed to eliminate your debts while allowing you to keep your assets.  There is an income test that determines if you are allowed to file a Chapter 7. 

To qualify, for a Chapter 7 you must make less than your Missouri's median income for a household of your family’s size. If your income exceeds the automatic number to qualify we may still be able to file a 7 on your behalf.We complete a long form Means Test and see if we can pull your income down in order for you to qualify.

If you qualify for a Chapter 7 people wonder if they will be able to keep essential property like their home and car. If it appears you assets are too inviting and we believe the Chapter 7 Trustee would sell a vehicle or home, we will put you in a Chapter 13 where you lose nothing. You get to keep all the the property on Missouri's list of exemption exempt property.

Once your bankruptcy is over, your “dischargeable debt”—credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans—get wiped out. Generally a Chapter 7 case takes about four months from start to finish.

Simply put, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is great because it is so short in duration. It works for individuals that do not money at the end of the month—and you don’t Have non-exempt property.